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Front Range Counseling Center is a full service community counseling practice that specializes in premarital counseling and relationship therapy services for couples.


The relationship counselors of Front Range Counseling Center are a group of professional counselors who are committed to meeting the various needs of their clients by walking alongside them as partners.


Our goal is to create a comfortable and secure clinical environment, so you can proceed through the premarital program with dignity, privacy, and confidence. We have years of experience providing relationship counseling couples and families.

We are committed to best practices, partnerships, and outcomes. We seek to serve a wide spectrum of our community.


We will tailor the program to fit your needs. The cost of your premarital program is an investment in your future as a happily married couple.

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At Front Range Counseling, our pre-marital counseling program is designed to deal with the unique challenges you face in your relationship.


Pre-marital counseling will help each partner assess his or her personal readiness for marriage.


Our pre-marital counseling program will give you the skills to prevent or to be better able to deal with any difficult habits and unhealthy relationship patterns that can be hard to break once they are well established.


We believe that pre-marital counseling is simply the best way to become better prepared for the many challenges you will face in your marital relationship


Our pre-marital counseling program focuses on developing skills such as communication, handling conflict, solving problems, and making decisions. It also will help you develop the knowledge, attitudes, expectations, and characteristics that are important to creating a satisfying relationship.

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At Front Range Counseling Center, we believe that therapy should be tailored to your needs and unique situation. And listening begins as soon as you call. If you do not know any of our therapists, call us and we will be glad to assist you in selecting the right counselor for you.


Getting Started is easy!


To begin, you can either call (303) 933-5800 or fill out the contact form. A counselor will contact you within 24-hours and setup an appointment to meet with you and your partner.


Download a copy of the New Client Forms, fill them out and bring them along.


In general, it is a good idea to come early for the first appointment so you don’t feel too rushed (see Office Locations).


At your scheduled time, your therapist will greet you in the waiting room and bring you to his or her office. A session is approximately 50 minutes long.